Demo, Modkit , Interview von Michal Kicinski

In dem Interview von Michal Kicinski berichtet er über die Zukunftspläne. So soll es  bald eine Demo und ein SDK geben. Für registrierte User  wird es ein zusätzliches Abenteuer geben, das mit diesem Modkit erstellt wurde.Going back to the question: we are planning to release a toolset and demo soon. And what is even more important is that along with a toolset, or soon after its release, we will provide players with new adventures, developed using the toolset. For now we are already working on one adventure that will be free for all registered users of the game. I think - and hope - that our post-release support will help The Witcher become even more popular for a longer period of time.zum kompletten Interviewunser Forum